How To Support Women’s Soccer After The World Cup Ends

My passion for the USWNT has never been stronger. Their victory in the World Cup final this summer was more than a record-breaking athletic achievement. It was a huge validation of everything this team stands for – speaking out against … Read More

A New Home

The start of September usually signifies change. Cooler weather begins, folks return from vacations to resume normal routines, & my birthday celebrations start. This year, the beginning of the month brings a new transition that involves both stress & gratitude. … Read More

A Weekend in Puerto Rico: Five Simple Ways to Cherish Vacations with Friends

Earlier this spring, I traveled to hot, sunny Puerto Rico for the first time with five of my best friends from Boston College. We had been planning to make this trip for almost a year, but it wasn’t until the … Read More

A December Photo Diary

I love love love the Christmas season, especially in New York City! Every corner is covered in lights & bows. I snap pictures constantly trying to capture the magic. In years past, I would try & fail to recap the … Read More

My Personal Christmas List

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Holiday To-Do List

I am heading to New Jersey tomorrow & I literally cannot wait to be home for the holidays! When I wrote my 2017 HOLIDAY TO-DO LIST, it was at the start of the season. This year, my list will only represent … Read More

Gift Guide: Millenials

If you are reading this blog post, it is very likely that you either are a millennial or you love a millennial. I collected a few top products that would make fantastic gifts for yourself or others even if they … Read More

Holiday Picks: Nordstrom

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Holiday Picks: Cyber Week

Hope your weekend has been full of turkey & love & wine! My family celebrated the holiday on Thursday (of course) & we celebrated my cousin’s Sweet 19 yesterday. Since our big celebrations are over, I am going to spend … Read More

Holiday Picks: Gap & Old Navy

Hope your Black Friday is off to a good start! After rounding up my J.CREW HOLIDAY PICKS earlier this week, this post features products from Gap & Old Navy. These are two of my favorite stores, especially during the holidays, as … Read More