Fifty Days of Summer

From today (July 17th) until the end of Labor Day Weekend (September 6th), there are a little over fifty days left in what most consider the summer season. I do not know about anyone else, but this period seems to have just zipped by. In the spirit of mindful presence, I want to focus on fun, lighthearted activities that fill my days with joy without costing a lot of money.

A few ways I am planning to spend these remaining moments:

  1. Have a picnic in the park with friends
  2. Check out 2 – 3 fiction books from the library
  3. Watch as many women’s soccer games during the Olympics as I can
  4. Go browsing at a few vintage/thrift/resale stores
  5. Use gift cards we have been given to local restaurants for outdoor date nights
  6. Build a rainbow Lego set with my niece & my nephew
  7. Clear 25 things out of our apartment
  8. Write a handwritten letter
  9. Eat a giant ice cream sundae
  10. Visit our local public pool in the city at least once
  11. Record small portions of family history on video with relatives
  12. Pick a Gotham FC game to attend in person
  13. Make beaded bracelets
  14. Cook dinner at our apartment for Steph (as she is usually the main cook in our house)
  15. Take a special photo with my grandmother at her birthday weekend

Trying to incorporate better daily habits back in to my routine. Here are a few to get me started:

  1. Do my stretching & strengthening routine
  2. Keep a book I want to read on my bedside table
  3. Call or text people I love
  4. Write my thoughts down more regularly
  5. Go for a 15 minute walk as often as I can

What is on your agenda for the stretch of sunshine that lies ahead? Would love to hear in the comments!