Thanksgiving 2019

This holiday has already been filled with glasses of bubbly, a family dinner at our favorite restaurant, & snuggles with babies. After several weeks of intense stress, I am feeling my body finally start to relax in the suburbs. My main goals for this weekend – eat a breakfast sandwich every day, spend time writing for myself, & begin my Christmas shopping.

Thanksgiving usually involves a photo shoot with this kooky turkey hat, brunch at my parent’s kitchen table, & a reminder to be grateful.

A quick list of what I am feeling extra thankful for this year:

  • My entire family & their collective ability to care deeply about the big & small moments of life
  • My niece & my nephew – Abby & Luke – who make every single day better with their sweetness
  • The vibrancy of New York City
  • My college friends who in every way possible continue to show up for me with loyalty & hilarity
  • My hometown friends who have known me for years & stuck with me through it all
  • Living with Steph in our first apartment, witnessing daily her ridiculously fun, loving, kind way of life

In addition to recognizing the joy of the season, I am extending my heartfelt wishes that we all find peace in the homes of our families & in our own quiet moments. Stress, for various reasons, can be an underlying theme of the holidays. Even as I write this, I started berating myself for all the content I should have prepared, the tasks I did not accomplish before coming home, etc.

I am pausing instead to shift my mindset towards calmness. As I kickstart the holidays, I am challenging myself to focus on my mental & physical health as much as the celebrations with my loved ones. All my love to you & yours!