Monthly Archives: October 2014

Meggo My Eggo

Eighteen years can fly by pretty quickly, Meggo. I still remember waiting for you to come home from the hospital, my own real-life Bitty Baby to play with. But, you turned out to be much more of a joy than … Read More

Remembering Oscar de la Renta

{ Photo via Glitter Guide } The fashion world mourns the loss of Oscar de la Renta, a highly-refined designer and kindly gentleman with wide customer appeal. Since the announcement of his death, his contributions to the world have been remembered … Read More

HBD Kitty

 October has a lot of birthdays. Actually, so did September now that I think about it… { Color. Coordinated. Cousin. Club. | c/o Instagram } Regardless, today, October 20th, is a very special one, as my beautiful, engineer-in-training, goofy beyond all reason … Read More

Bright Blazers

You may remember the basic elements of this post from my feature (appropriately named) Back to Basics that featured Cindy’s first set of photos. { GAP Blazer | Vintage Levi’s Cutoffs  | J.Crew T-Shirt | Calvin Klein Watch // Similar | J.Crew Bracelet | Pearl Clip-On Earrings … Read More

Finding Memo

{ Unamused at Oktoberfest // #RAIN } I believe people come into your life for a reason. Maybe, it isn’t exactly a defined reason but perhaps just a genuine predetermination that you were meant to meet, become friends, and be there … Read More