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Today was a good day.

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I got to spend time with people I love, eat some deliciously New England foods, and explore parts of the city. I will go into more detail tomorrow, but I am so excited to share my favorite new Boston discovery. As I mentioned in my latest post, I have an appreciation for all things vintage.

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What first drew me to The House of Findings was the bright flowered silk crop top that looked on-trend with today’s street style but maintained an air of times past. As I entered the tent, I was like a kid in a candy store. There were bright colors and interesting fabrics. Jewels from the 1950s, bags from the 1970s, and dresses from the 1980s were organized chicly on the walls and racks of the small tent. The owner even had a circular dressing curtain for customers to try on their potential purchases easily.

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After only about a minute, I spotted the dress which I knew was going to have a place in my closet. I tried it on, and Traea, the owners, and even people on the street were telling me to buy it… stay tuned. I will be styling it very soon – perhaps for my family’s upcoming trip to Florida!

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I discovered, after chatting for a bit, that Mayra, the store owner, and I had both grown up in New Jersey. She told me that she was looking to open a standing storefront for The House of Findings. Best of all, she is a Boston College parent…BC magic always brings people together.

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Looking to learn more about this vintage gem? Click “like” on the The House of Findings Facebook page, or check them out TOMORROW at the New England Open Market in SoWa (FYI – The address is 460 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118.)

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{ Wouldn’t this be the perfect addition to your wardrobe for MDW 2014? }

We just clicked, sharing a similar love of vintage clothes and the beauty of merchandising. As a fashion blogger always looking to work with new people, I hoped we would be able to begin a partnership. Collaborations between The House of Findings Styles I Like are going to be fabulous if today was any indication of the future.

Happy Shopping!

Erin ★

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  1. Mayra says:

    Hi Erin, LOVE your blog! Thank you so much, Mayra @ The House Of Findings

    • Erin Cullen says:

      I am so excited about our partnership, Mayra! Can’t wait to feature House of Findings in the upcoming weeks. XO

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