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I firmly believe that it is possible to inject elements of style into every aspect of your life. Now, you may think of an item like tissues as a basic necessity, but Kleenex Style Studio is ready to help you make even the simplest item an updated element in your home.

What exactly is the Kleenex Style Studio? To celebrate Kleenex’s 90th anniversary, they’re bringing you another innovative first: The Kleenex Style Studio. It’s a fun, inspiring way to discover more of the Kleenex Brand designs and products you love. And maybe even a few that’ll take you by surprise.

Kleenex #2

Kleenex #3

Kleenex #1

In the bedroom that my roommate, Victoria, and I share, my striped Kleenex box is placed on the nightstand in between our two beds. I chose to place the tissues amongst my handbag collection, my Microsoft Surface Tablet (℅ the Her Campus #DareToCompare event), & my Ray-Ban sunglasses. As she and I both like to study in our bedroom together (and oftentimes in our beds!), it is essential to have Kleenex tissues close by. so we don’t have to keep leaving the room.

Kleenex #4

Kleenex #6

Kleenex #5

In the bathroom, this bright blue box of  Kleenex are a shiny complement to my other beauty products. If you know anything about me, it is how much I love a good rainbow color assortment. The other day, I was just thinking how badly I needed a little blue accent to complete the color scheme, and I think these Kleenex do the trick. They are really essential to have in the bathroom, especially for removing eye make-up at night. These particular Kleenex are lotion infused, so they are gentle on your skin.

 Kleenex #8

Kleenex #9

Kleenex #7

Finally, in our common room, Kleenex are needed both for my three roommates and our constant stream of guests. We love to host people in our apartment, so it is only good manners that we have PLENTY of Kleenex stocked. I chose to style this box in between my usual stack of magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, Fast Company, TIME, Vogue, & Lab Magazine) in addition to games (Catch Phrase or Cards Against Humanity) that are seriously hilarious and perfect for group settings.

{ Find it. Flaunt it. Live it. }

This is the guiding motto behind the Kleenex Style Studio, and I, for one, am always in favor of embracing what is fabulous about yourself, your style, and how you choose to express it.

What more do you need to know to get on the #KleenexStyle train?

All aboard.

Erin ★

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kleenex, but my love for their Style Studio is all my own!

Thank you to both Linqia & Kleenex for choosing me for this campaign, and thank you to my readers for supporting the brands that support Styles I Like.

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  1. I love that bright blue box you keep in the bathroom! It’s so shiny and really adds life to the room! I’d love for you to checkout my post http://www.simplysinova.com/2014/04/how-to-design-your-life-with-kleenex.html <3

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