Five Things I Like – Double Edition!

Despite my intention to try and publish Five Things I Like diligently on time as I mentioned here, I was very lucky to be spending the last two Sunday nights with special people in my life. C’est la vie! Two Sundays ago, I was in Argentina visiting Traea and attempting to take in all the magnificent beauty of Buenos Aires. This past Sunday night, after saying farewell to my Forest Lake Camp friend, Susie, who had come to visit for Thanksgiving, the #PartyofSix celebrated Kriten’s birthday.

Since I have not posted this series for the past two weeks, I decided to combine both posts into a double edition with TEN things I have liked.


Brian Gavin Pendant & Fur Vest

{Lizzie’s Birthday Party #OOTD: Brian Gavin Diamond Pendant, Rainbow Print Aztec Sweatshirt, & Vera Wang Faux Fur Vest}

Sparkly Manicure

{A sparkly manicure, thanks to Maureen Curtis, to hold my passport}

Argentine Sun on Cloud

{Witnessing the Argentinian flag in Argentinian sunshine}

Bartola Menu

{Restaurants in Palermo Soho that make every detail of their restaurant special}

Bellinis & Benedict

{Eggs Benedict brunch at Farinelli after a morning exploring the San Telmo market}


Jacarandas Outside

{Jacarandas in Plaza de Mayo}

La Boca 

{Brightly colored houses in La Boca}

Dulce De Leche & Waffle

{Dessert waffle with vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche, my new favorite sweet, at Miranda’s Parilla}

Blarney Kisses

{Silly souvenirs that I seriously considered buying at the Blarney Stone in Cork}

Brian Gavin Pendant & Pearl Earrings

{Kristen’s Birthday Dinner #OOTD: Brian Gavin Diamond Pendant, J. Crew Cableknit Sweater, and San Telmo Vintage Pearl Clip-On Earrings}

Luckily, these past two weeks were filled with so many wonderful moments it was hard to pick just ten to share. Can’t wait to share more pictures! Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read about the things I like.

Was there something small that inspired you in a big way these past weeks?

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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