Four Leaf Clover Feeling

I think I have a four leaf clover hidden in the lining of my clothes.

Alex & Ani

Maybe it is the Alex and Ani Four Leaf Clover bracelet my sister, Kerry, gave to me the day I was leaving for Ireland. She also gave me an Alex and Ani Saint Christopher bangle, and I wear both every time I am traveling. (Haven’t missed a flight yet! Knock on wood…)

Everything seems to be going well. It is a little impossible to believe. Whether it is God’s plan, unexpected circumstance, a little bit of classic Irish four leaf clover luck, or some combination of all those things, I am happy to be where I am right in this moment of my life.

Here is why.


★ I am about to embark on my most exotic adventure yet. As I write this, I am sitting in the Madrid-Barajas Airport, midway through my eight hour layover. It is crazy to think before this spring, I didn’t even have a passport. Now, I am heading on a trip to a place I could only ever have dreamed of visiting. Even more importantly, I will be able to spend time with someone I love, and I have missed for far too long. (Updates and pictures to follow!)

★ In exactly one month, I will once again be at an airport. This time, I will be traveling home to New Jersey and bidding a sad farewell to Ireland. Although I don’t necessarily feel lucky to have to leave this study abroad experience, I am grateful to be a part of the family I am in. Spending the holidays with them is always the best way to conclude an unforgettable year. (Meghan, I will be listening to our favorite “A Christmas Carol” soundtrack the entire month in preparation.)

★ While abroad, I have been able to make several really special new friends, in addition to having some crazy experiences with old friends. I have met people who enjoy a good laugh, like to plan silly celebrations for our extended group, and are dependable in times of need. There isn’t more one can ask for really.

★ I don’t want my study abroad experience to end. I can’t lie though. I am looking forward to returning to Boston College in the spring. There are certain people I am missing more and more as January comes closer who I cannot wait to see. I am scared but determined to take on more challenging courses. I am pumped to be back practicing with my ultimate frisbee team. I have never felt more excited to just be on campus, surrounded by the people who make Boston College the school it is.

★ Writing this blog has given me a creative outlet that I feel proud of and look forward to contributing my own perspective to. Between the crazy photo shoots while students look on with perplexed looks, the collaborations that are currently in the works, and the actual adaption of {#stylesilike} by certain friends and family (always with a slight smile), I can’t help but feel a little well, lucky, I started Styles I Like when I did.


 Of course, nothing in life is ever actually perfect, although that rainbow along the Cliffs of Moher when my family was visiting was pretty darn close!

I have had an unfortunate habit in my life of constantly rushing from one thing to the next without always appreciating the moment I am in and the people I am with. This experience of being abroad has definitely made me more aware of relishing those little things that make a day full of activity really worth living.

I have a hunch this four leaf clover feeling isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Maybe, it is because, luckily, I finally slowed down long enough to realize it was happening.

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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