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Kristian Lorén Lopez, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and current Major Model Management Director, fell in love with fashion after seeing the extensively fabulous wardrobe of Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone) in the movie, Clueless. “It was the fashion!” she recounted. “When I saw how Cher selected her outfits to wear to school, it was from that moment I knew that fashion was my destiny.” (If you remember correctly, my Rent the Runway promo video was inspired by this iconic ’90s fashion film as well. There is just something about Cher that every fashionista can associate with.)


Spring/Summer 2013

Her passion for designing women’s wear inspired her to create Kristian Lorén, a label dedicated to her vision of style.  After being invited by Terry Donovan to participate in the British Virgin Island Fashion Week in Tortola, she produced an eye-catching and beautiful fashion show to present her Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. She was honored to be considered and graciously accepted the invitation. In order to be considered, each designer had to submit their pieces to the design panel for approval. She designed and created all the samples and submitted the pieces for approval. From there, the panel hand-selected the featured designers, and she was one of the lucky ones chosen to showcase her  collection. Check out the behind-the-scenes creation of this collection’s presentation


Spring/Summer 2013

Kristian Lorén’s 2013 Collection is a unique mixture of chic, tribal, urban and comfort, incorporating the necessities of women and style in her current collection. She designs  for what she calls her Lorén Ladies because she knows “Every woman wants to feel beautiful and sexy yet be comfortable at the same time.” Inspired by tribal prints from Ghana, the free easy breezy lifestyle of the Caribbean and New York Street Fashion; Lorén’s combination of these three elements awards the consumer a taste of each lifestyle.


Spring/Summer 2013

Kristian wrote, “A lot of us New Yorkers are consumed by work and the fast-paced lifestyle that we, unfortunately, do not always have time to get away. For this collection, I wanted to design a few pieces that evoke the vacation feeling. If you’re unable to physically sneak away from your busy life, you can simply feel like you escaped by wearing one of my day dresses, easy breezy pants. You can fashionable while you sit, have a cocktail, and relax.”


Spring/Summer 2013

Kristian summarizes her design philosophy with this thought. “There are the simple joys in life that we control. Adding color in your life will bring bliss. Own your happiness, own your look, and own your sexy.” As pictured below, Kristian featured her sister, supermodel Sessilee Lopez, as both the opening and the closing of the show. Kristian is a stylish, creative, and beautiful individual, someone who genuinely cares about sharing her success with those she loves.

Spring/Summer 2013 (Kristian & Sessilee) 

Take a moment to watch Kristian Lorén’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection fashion show. Despite being inspired by Cher Horowitz, this up-and-coming designer is anything but clueless when it comes to making women look good. I look forward to watching her designs continue to inspire others with her own unique combination of sexy comfort.


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