Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Dash of Peonies & Subtleties

During this holiday weekend, I would like to welcome a special blogger to Styles I Like.  My friend and former classmate at Villa Walsh Academy, Kelly Brand, has also begun developing a blog over the past year. You can bet … Read More

Mondays with Margaret – 8 Ways To Impress During Your First Week

As many prepare this week to head back to school, there are others who are embarking on that scary but exciting new venture of their first real job. Margaret Batting Image Communications has joined us again today for another “Mondays with Margaret” … Read More

Kickstarting Menswear: Wits + Beaux Profile

The world is a small place. In the past year, especially, it has been interesting for me to discover how my different networks are connected (and to watch new connections be established) via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other virtual … Read More

The Kissue [Styles I Like] Issue

As my previous posts this week have probably made clear, I love back-to-school shopping. I am, therefore, excited to share with my readers  a company I have recently discovered that will make your task a lot easier. KISSUE is a new online … Read More

Tailour Thursday – Accessorize for Autumn

The crispness of the air in New Jersey this past week has forced me to conclude that the cooler months are coming (whether we are ready or not). I am a big fan of planning when possible. As such, I … Read More

Back to School Blogger Giveaway – Enter Now!

This Friday, after ten weeks, I will have completed the final day of my first corporate internship. The time has flown, and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to develop my skills and create relationships with passionate and … Read More

Mondays with Margaret – How To Prepare for an Interview

I am fortunate to have three sisters for more reasons than I can count. They pick me up when I need a ride. They cheer me on at soccer games, Capture the Flag competitions, fashion shows, and public speaking tournaments. … Read More

Tailour Thursday – America’s Next Top Tailour Icon

Happy Thursday! As promised from my last Tailour Thursday – Icon Status post, I am releasing my Top 5 Nominations for America’s Next Tailour Icon On their blog, [to a tee.], Chrissie and Lauren have already featured two outstanding women worthy of this title: Rachel Haot, Chief … Read More

Introducing the House of Kristian Lorén

Kristian Lorén Lopez, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and current Major Model Management Director, fell in love with fashion after seeing the extensively fabulous wardrobe of Cher Horowitz (played by Alicia Silverstone) in the movie, Clueless. “It was the … Read More

Mondays with Margaret – The Importance of Professional Dressing

When you have a fantastic weekend (like I just did), it can sometimes be a challenge to get myself up and motivated for Monday mornings. One specific action that always makes the morning dash easier for me is picking out … Read More