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Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving all! I am taking a moment en route to my Great Aunt Annie & Great Uncle Eddie’s to count my blessings. The holidays are my favorite time of year. Too often though, I feel as though they pass … Read More

Autumn To-Do List 2017

Happy Autumn! I breathe a sigh of relief when the weather cools. I checked off apple picking in September with Steph. Check out the list below for what I plan to fill my calendar with for the rest of the … Read More


I am a sucker for an Instagram trend. Despite THE MIXED FEELINGS around the UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO, I knew would try it at least once. Also, let’s be honest; what in today’s age does not inspire mixed feelings. It was super super … Read More

Gift Guide: The Boss

I am kicking off my gift guide series with a very important recipient in mind – the boss! These can be gifts, yes, but also a way to show your favorite go-getter that you support their ambitions. Here are my … Read More

Christmas Season Pt. 1

How happy I am that the Christmas season has arrived! For the twenty-five days of December, I will be posting lists of special moments that I want to remember beyond the season. I am fascinated by how others spend their holidays, … Read More

Cyber Monday

I truly love Cyber Monday. My family cooks a big brunch on Black Friday, in order to rest after Thanksgiving in the comfort of our own home. Therefore, I usually stay away from the stores. Please allow me to happily … Read More

Autumn To-Do List 2016

The chilly weather in Massachusetts this past weekend assured me that fall has arrived. Highlights of September included road tripping to Notre Dame with my family, co-hosting my sister’s bridal shower, celebrating my birthday with Steph, attending New York Fashion Week, and … Read More

Autumn To-Do List 2015

Photo via INSTAGRAM  Fall is here! I am doing my best to DRESS THE PART, as a result of the chillier weather. However, this season is about much more than combining a vest & pair of boots in a stylish manner. Since … Read More

My Marmee

Is there anything as special in the world as mothers? I don’t think there is, and I honestly challenge anybody to try to find something more precious than the woman who brought you into this world. Yesterday was my Marmee’s birthday, … Read More