Christmas Season Pt. 1

In a dedicated effort to focus on the happy moments, I am writing five Christmas recaps every five days of December. I shared PART 1 & only PART 1 in 2016… insert the face palm emoji here. I am committed to maintaining this practice for this month, as gratitude grows when I reflect on my blessings.

This morning was a rough start, one of those times where I grew increasingly frustrated as everything (seemingly) went wrong. But, a sweet note from Steph, a little kindness from my cousin, Ryan, & a cheerful lunch with my co-workers turned the day around. As I left my office & I walked through Washington Square Park, I watched people gather around the tree for the lighting. It was a simple part of the day that inspired me to feel lucky that my biggest worry today was a stressful morning.

Christmas Season Part 1: December 1st – December 5th

– Steph has FINALLY moved into the city. She & her roommate, Christina, hosted a housewarming party on Friday, which I was thrilled to attend with my best friends – my current roommate in New York, Marguerite, & my two former Boston College roommates, Jess & Laura. If you measure a party by the amount of laughter there is, this was five stars.

– New York streets are filled with the smell of Christmas trees. I am burning a candle in my room as I write this to imitate the smell of those pines.

– The decorations in the Union Square Holiday Market are beautiful. I already purchased a few gifts, and I cannot wait to go back to sample a few holiday treats. I love shopping there, as there are tons of unique presents available. Plus, it feels less constricted than shopping indoors. I will be sharing a post with more photos soon!

– Is there anything better than singing Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town?” at a New York City bar? My best friend from high school, Sara, shares my love of Christmas, karaoke, & The Boss, and singing this with her this past will always be one of my happiest memories of her.

– Steph & I watched one of the best Christmas movies last night, A Muppet Christmas Carol. It is such a good combination of silly & sweet. Tell me your favorite movies in the comments! I am looking for good suggestions.

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What special moments in the season fill you with joy?