Today’s post is short & sweet. I worked an overnight shift for Cyber Monday last night, slept through most of the day, & volunteered at a BOSTON COLLEGE Giving Tuesday call night. I wish I could have posted this sooner. Nevertheless, I wanted to hit “post” while it was still technically Giving Tuesday! This is not to prove that I donated, but rather, it is to encourage myself to be mindful of giving all season long. As we enter the holidays, I remember the words of one of my favorite authors, Charles Dickens, “No one is useless in the world who lightens the burdens of another.” 

We all make an impact when we donate our time & resources to causes that matter. Here are the organizations I am supporting this year:

  1. As you can guess by the above, I donated to my alma mater, BOSTON COLLEGE, once again. I cannot count the number of blessings that are in my life because I attended this school. I give back, in part, for all that I have received.
  2. I chose this photo specifically for my post as I am wearing two important accessories – a rainbow pin that was a gift from Steph & my “Fashion Stands with Planned Parenthood” button from NYFW. LGBTQ+ organizations & women’s health organizations need our help more than ever under this current administration. This year, I will be donating to IT GETS BETTER PROJECT & PLANNED PARENTHOOD.
  3. Girl Scouts of the USA made a special page, where you can donate to girls who have been affected by NATURAL DISASTERS. Girl Scouts teaches you to be a leader, and I am happy that this organization is doing its part to support its girls that are most in need.

Read GIVING 2016 & GIVING 2015 to see which causes I am proud to support every year! If for any reason you did not donate today, perhaps you will consider the idea again tomorrow. And if you cannot donate through financial means, an act of kindness can still have a profound impact.


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