Year of More

The past month has been a blur. As always, the holidays zipped by in a series of crazy moments with loved ones. I spent the first week of the New Year in Florida on a lovely albeit slightly hilarious trip with my family; more details to come this week! Ready to jump back into my normal routine in New York City, I caught a wicked cough & had to rest a lot during my first “real” week of 2018.

I am feeling closer to my normal self as the weekend has passed. Ready to tackle the year ahead, I began thinking about a passage that described living in abundance. Therefore, I am not starting a resolutions list focused on limits & restrictions. Rather, I am setting an intention that 2018 will be a year of MORE. My goals will follow accordingly.


There are big plans for this little corner of the internet. I am approaching five years of blogging, and there are changes ahead that I believe will make this space more valuable, more engaging, & more creative for this special community of readers. In terms of working more, I am committed to creating more partnerships, meeting more people in the industry, & setting time aside to thoughtfully create content.


For a long time, reading was a school-sponsored activity. This summer, I had a reading renaissance, where I remembered how much I loved it. Also, I really really really am going to get that library card that I keep telling people I am getting. Do you have any good books that you would recommend? Please let me know in the comments!


This may sound cliche, but I do not care one bit. 2017 WAS A REMINDER THAT I NEED LOVE. In addition to focusing on loving those in my life, I am committing to being kinder to strangers I encounter, informing myself on issues that affect those in the United States & around the world, & becoming involved with specific charities in New York City whose missions I support.


It is a little frightening to me how quickly time passes. My days & nights are often full. I do not consider myself an idle person, but I do wish I was more committed to specific groups of people on a regular basis. This year, I am determined to participate in rec sports leagues, start a book club, & monthly dates with Steph where we try something new. All of these activities require more preparation than a typical night hopping to events and/or watching Netflix.


Taking more time for walking is not merely a physical goal. While I will aim for 10,000 steps per day, I will strive to remind myself that walking is also a good time to call my family & my friends, to listen to podcasts, and/or TO BREATHE.


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