Weekend Update No. 1

My weekend in Boston was under 48 hours, but it was full of activities & love. After the monsoon weather in New York, I was forced to run fifteen blocks to make my bus, and as such, I was really ready to leave the city. All of my silly frustration dissipated, however, once I arrived. Steph & I went to one of our favorite local bars where we danced & drank with friends. We ran into several people who I hadn’t seen in months; I always love a surprise run-in. A couple orders of mozzarella sticks on our way home was the perfect way to end the night.

Saturday morning began bright but not early. I finally visited the ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER MUSEUM, and it was even more beautiful than I expected. The Yellow Room was my favorite. I liked walking through the different exhibits, but I loved sitting & talking with Steph in the architecturally stunning courtyard. The rain clouds finally cleared up as we checked into TAJ BOSTON. While we waited for our room to be ready, we walked around in the sunshine drinking iced coffee. I had made reservations at COPPA for Steph’s birthday dinner. If you find yourself in the South End, I recommend making a reservation, as the restaurant was packed. The arancini di fontal was the best I have ever had as was the grapefruit sangria. Across from this restaurant there is a dog bakery. Therefore, this quiet street is filled with families walking their pups. It made the experience of eating out even happier. After dinner, we spent a relaxing night in the hotel drinking champagne in terry cloth robes.

As always, we were rushing out the door to make it to brunch the next day. Rather than jumping in a Lyft, we walked through the Boston Commons. I am so happy we did, as all of the tulips were gloriously in bloom. Brunch at BEACON HILL BISTRO was perfect for yet another birthday celebration but this time for my sister, Mary Kate. Steph, Ryan, Kerry, my mom, Kelly, & I were all so happy to celebrate her! I ordered the breakfast sandwich, but the breakfast burrito was also delicious. I hope to never take for granted how lucky I am to share a meal with so many loving, funny, & all-around beautiful women.

Scroll down for all my snaps from the weekend.

Cheers to a fantastic weekend celebrating the people I love.

Please let me know if you like this weekend update format.

Hoping to share more in the coming months! 

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