I am a sucker for an Instagram trend.

Despite THE MIXED FEELINGS around the UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO, I knew would try it at least once. Also, let’s be honest; what in today’s age does not inspire mixed feelings. It was super super super sweet, and the sour taste is pucker-inducing. I am not a sweet tooth, but I appreciated this sparkly drink.

Scroll through the products below if you are hoping to continue the unicorn trend even if you decide not to buy a UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO.

A sweet set of unicorn-shaped EARRINGS.

A gorgeous GOWN that only a unicorn lover would wear.

An inflatable POOL FLOAT that will fit your girl gang.

An extravagantly whimsical RING.

A pretty NECKLACE to match your earrings above.

A DRINK HOLDER that still gets you a unicorn-inspired Instagram if you are looking for a more budget-friendly pool accessory.

A LIPSTICK that is perfect for festivals.

A tongue-in-cheek T-SHIRT.

A rainbow HIGHLIGHTER does not need further explanation.

If f you do want a UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO, today is your last day! C’est la vie. I would be remiss not to mention that today is also my MOM’S BIRTHDAY. The words I wrote two years ago are still true today. Mom, I am everything I am because of your love & devotion. Thank you for helping me seek goodness, stand strong in my beliefs, & believe in magic.



PS… I love you, Marmee.


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