Autumn To-Do List 2016

The chilly weather in Massachusetts this past weekend assured me that fall has arrived. Highlights of September included road tripping to Notre Dame with my family, co-hosting my sister’s bridal shower, celebrating my birthday with Steph, attending New York Fashion Week, and visiting my best friends at Boston College for a football game. In the midst of all this fun, October snuck up on me.




As a big believer in the joy of anticipation, this list is both motivating & exciting when I consider all of the moments still ahead of me. I made an AUTUMN TO-DO LIST in 2015, and I am hoping to make it a more frequent tradition.


  1. Buy a bouquet of dried flowers at Union Square Greenmarket for my desk
  2. Go pumpkin picking with my mom
  3. Register for a New York Public Library card
  4. Carve a pumpkin with my roommate
  5. Pick out furniture for our new apartment
  6. Attend my five year high school reunion
  7. Write more letters
  8. Dress up for the Village Halloween Parade on October 31st
  9. Bake my dad’s famous cheesecake with him for Thanksgiving
  10. Tailgate at Boston College with my 21Butch women
  11. Watch the newest Harry Potter movie (bonus point for the midnight premiere)
  12. Celebrate #TRUESCRANTONLOVE at my sister’s wedding
  13. Vote for Hillary Clinton on Election Day
  14. Dance to Mr. Brightside at Flix Alumni Weekend
  15. Try to wait until November 1st to start listening to Christmas music

What is on your to-do list this season?

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