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The holiday season may be winding down, but I am happy to continue to share my experience with SPRUCE & BOND with my readers. As I wrote in my ORIGINAL POST, this is a personal narrative. I want to honestly share the details of my laser experience, in order to better inform those who are considering this option for themselves.

Rent the Runway

Leading up to my FIRST APPOINTMENT, my wardrobe consisted mostly of long sleeves and long pants. As someone who easily overheats, wearing strapless dresses and shorter skirts more comfortably after this treatment is liberating – in both the literal & figurative sense.

The results I have obtained from SPRUCE & BOND are startlingly. My hair grows back more slowly, and I only shave occasionally. When I do, it is not the painful and fruitless attempt I had previously considered the norm.

For several non-extreme reasons, this Christmas season was a little stressful. To have even one element of my beauty routine under control was a blessing during my pre-party, usually last-minute outfit decision. To not be limited in my options by whether or not I have gone to the salon recently makes a huge difference in general event preparation.

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Party Person

I am grateful that my experience with SPRUCE & BOND makes me more excited to grab a bottle of champagne, head to a party, and dance like nobody and/or everybody is watching.

That’s a beautiful way to start a New Year!


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