Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fashion Is My Boyfriend

Let me be honest with you. I have never had a boyfriend.  J.CREW BLAZER | MADEWELL SHIRT // SIMILAR | J.CREW SKIRT | CHANEL NECKLACE // SIMILAR | J.CREW HEELS | PAMELA BARKSY POUCH //  SIMILAR ‘   THIS explains why. However, PAMELA BARSKY makes a strong case for having fashion as your significant … Read More

Autumn To-Do List

Photo via INSTAGRAM  Fall is here! I am doing my best to DRESS THE PART, as a result of the chillier weather. However, this season is about much more than combining a vest & pair of boots in a stylish manner. Since … Read More

Crepe Dress

I consider myself a positive person, but in the most literal sense, I feel drawn towards light. J.CREW DRESS | Sunglasses // SIMILAR | J.CREW SANDALS   This is not a surprising belief, especially given the visual nature of my work. Being photographed for … Read More