The past few months haven’t seemed real.


Some days, there is a lot going on – celebrations, happy hour meet-ups, USWNT games, coffee dates, real dates, beach visits, & blogger events. Some days, there is nothing going on or at least it seems that way.

I feel like a lot has changed. I know a lot has changed, but am I really any different?

I started my new job two weeks ago. While I am very lucky to be working at this company, the realization that I will not be returning to Boston College in the fall is still sinking in. People adjust to being in a new place differently. For me, excursions with friends, special family meals at least once a week, & phone conversations with loved ones have been the most helpful methods for remaining grounded.

Without a doubt, I am a people person, which is maybe why the graduation process has been hard for me. I find myself alone sometimes – not every minute of the day but often enough to make me feel a little sad. The days aren’t defined by a single emotion though. There are periods of joy and stress and contentment. I find there is a pendulum in my heart that swings from overwhelmingly excited to slightly scared, one that always returns to a grateful place for the opportunities I have been given in life.

Currently, I have a lot of energy that I feel like I am not committing fully to the things that I care about. I am writing this post to hold myself more accountable, while also acknowledging that I am currently processing in my own way. My goals are both personal and professional, including but not limited to improving my coding skills, taking (small) steps to be a healthier person, refining my blog approach, and maintaining relationships with those far away while trying to foster new ones in my new post-grad world.

I would love to hear your strategies for refocusing your life in moments of change.

Here’s to supporting one another through these moments.


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