Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sk8er Girl

But, all of her friends stuck up their nose. They had a problem with [her tie-dye] clothes. Alright, those aren’t the exact words to SK8ER BOI, one of my all-time favorite pre-teen jams, but it was the general idea. Don’t pretend … Read More

Free People Summer

Yes, there was snow on the ground when I first shot this Free People dress that KUDETA BOSTON was kind enough to loan me. However, since it is now summer, I think that a FREE PEOPLE DRESS like this one is best suited for a … Read More

MDW Whites

I know it’s Memorial Day weekend, but I decided to take some time to recuperate from the craziness of Senior Week & graduation. I have a lot to reflect on as I move forward with this next stage of my life, … Read More

Rainbow Reflections

I absolutely love to share. I am not afraid to raise my hand in class to give my opinion. I can talk to just about anybody about just about anything.  I am rarely intimidated by talking to strangers. I seek … Read More