Just arrived back in Boston for my final semester at Boston College…many more posts on this period of my life to come. It’s freezing here in Boston, but the cold does offer opportunities to layer stylishly, so let’s embrace the negative temps. Check out the links below for a couple of things I am LOVING this week.

Bundle Up


  1. My girl, Larz, absolutely killing it (like she always does) with this fashion-forward VEIL BEANIE LOOK for winter.
  2. Ever since the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration was announced, I am getting even more interested in the brand itself & its products…like THIS and THIS and ESPECIALLY THIS. Can’t wait for April 19th!
  3. While I wish more than anything SMART GIRLS existed when I was a kid, I am so happy that it exists now.
  4. This is a handy little EMAIL GUIDE for bloggers, but I think the tips apply to all business emails. I am working on being more concise in the New Year.
  5. I discovered the DOLCE VITA LINE via blogging babe @ToBeBright & I am officially obsessed. #WantItAll #NeedItAll

Be sure to check back next Sunday for the next edition. XO


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