December 23

These next three days are my favorite of the entire year!

Bagel sandwiches fueled us to finish the last-minute cleaning & decorating this afternoon. I am lucky to have my cousin, Quinn, here because she is basically my professional room organizer, in addition to the family-wide hairstylist. Literally, every single one of the Cullen girls is wearing one of her braids/updo combination for the party tonight. I still haven’t picked out my outfit for our party tonight, but my father came home from work today wearing the look below. He said he placed in the top 5 of the student council competition at the high school where he is a math teacher. I have mentioned before that my dad is one of my style inspirations. He is wearing a shirt with multiple clashing pattens, a holiday tie, a confident smize, & his iconic fanny pack. Is it really hard to see why?


Image via Instagram

Hope you have a festive night, whether you’re at a party, out on the town, or in your warm, cozy home.

Only two more sleeps till Christmas Day…



Hope you are enjoying the #25DAYSOFSTYLESILIKE as much as I am.

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