Dagne Dover Tote


This Dagne Dover Tote is my latest STYLESILIKE item & I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally share these fabulous, fall-focused pictures.


{ Elie Tahari Skirt & Blazer | Banana Republic Tank Top | Dagne Dover Tote ℅ | Anne Klein Watch | Oakley Sunglasses | Brian Gavin Hearts and Arrows Diamond Pendant ℅ | Boohoo Bow Flats }

“Meet your new best friend. The Tote takes you from 7am to 10pm – carrying your early morning smoothie and making sure you know exactly where your keys are when you return home. With pockets for your laptop, metrocard, water bottle, lipgloss and wallet, The Tote isn’t just street smart – it’s chic smart.”

Ok. I can’t take credit for the above description. The Dagne Dover website describes their Tote as such, and there really is no better way to summarize this astonishingly beautiful but all-around handy bag. I shot these photos with Cindy on a BLAZING hot day for this campus where I had several classes, work, a meeting, and a job interview. I can honestly say that I was able to carry this Tote seamlessly between all of these different occasions with ease. Not only that, but I actually mentioned STYLESILIKE during my interview & was able to show off my Dagne Dover bag as an example of some of the fantastic companies STYLESILIKE has allowed me to partner with.

By the time Cindy & I could get together, the sun had already set. However, the colors of the leaves were incredibly vibrant, drawing out the blues in my Tote & my sporty chic sunglasses. As myself & other seniors prepare for graduation, I cannot recommend this bag more strongly for those who are looking to make a professional impact during their first job. For those who are already in the corporate world, I advise you to check out the Dagne Dover offerings. Stop carrying two to three bags with you to the office & make your life easier – all while looking pretty damn stylish!






Although their bags are literally perfect for any season, I hope you -fall- in love with Dagne Dover as much as I have.


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