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Megan & Erin

{ Unamused at Oktoberfest // #RAIN }

I believe people come into your life for a reason.

Maybe, it isn’t exactly a defined reason but perhaps just a genuine predetermination that you were meant to meet, become friends, and be there for each other. When I think back on my Boston College experience, I know Megan Morgan is going to stick out as one of those people who just made every year here exponentially better just because I got to be her friend.

Now, Megan is kind of a big deal on campus. She’s beautiful, crazy smart, funny, and honestly one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet (…special shout-out to Minnesota for that one). From Basic Finance to Managerial Accounting, she’s always been ready to meet with me one-on-one if I’m struggling with a concept.  She’s patient as hell and doesn’t get mad when you ask her to repeat something just one more time. It’s not just anybody who will spend hours with you in the Infirmary before your freshman Econ final because you tore your ACL and aren’t able to easily get back and forth to your dorm. I probably definitely drive her crazy, but I literally wouldn’t have made it to Senior year without her.

More than anything else, Megan has always allowed me to be totally myself around her. She gets me, and I get how lucky I am to have sat next to her in Computers in Management during my first semester at BC. She’s the kind of girl that turns everyday moments into lifelong memories. From that Marketing Summit that tested our souls to the intramural soccer games at 11 PM to drinking beer/getting actually lost at Oktoberfest, life is just more fun & more special with you in it.

I am not sure if you know just how much you mean to me, Megan.

But, I hope you can tell that you are loved by ALL of us who are lucky enough to know you.


{ Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Memo! }



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