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If there is one thing you can learn from following me on social media, it is that I love a glass of champagne. From Andre (…wait can we actually call that champagne?) to Dom to Prosecco, I would much rather have a glass of bubbly than a glass of wine no matter the occasion.


Because of the generosity of Tablelist, one of my most luxurious and innovative Styles I Like partners, I was able to not only enjoy several glasses of champagne but to do so in a gorgeous New York location. I was joined by one very old friend and one very new friend.



As I recounted in my first post all about this app and my girl’s night out in Boston at the W HotelTablelist offers users an easy way to book VIP table service at bars, clubs, and lounges. Toto, we are not in Boston anymore (at least for the summer), but the good news is that Tablelist has expanded to New York right along with us. They are bringing that same luxury experience to every major city they are currently operating in.


When we discussed what venue would be the perfect setting for a New York City girl’s night out, it was evident that Sonny’s Soda Shoppe would be the best pick. Gorgeous views of the city, attentive servers, Tablelist booking capabilities, and a laid-back but buzzing ambience all come together to make a date with friends even more special.


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Louisa, always coming through to make everything more special, snapped pics in between sips & Caroline, my first real friend at SJS who is currently taking the banking industry by storm, joined me just as the sun started to set.


Because I had ordered the bottle of Veuve Clicquot with Tablelist before the Sonny’s Soda Shoppe event, all these fabulous ladies had to do was show up & enjoy. If you are going out with a big group, it is very simple to split up the bill between individual accounts.



It was such a surreal moment, having a friend who I had just met and one who I have known for over ten years laugh, eat pizza (the perfect snack as you can see below), & swap stories about city life in our various fields.




I think it is pretty clear from Boston to New York to every other city Tablelist extends it services to, those who use this app are destined to have an absolutely amazing experience each and every time they go out. Even better, when you download Tablelist for iPhone and Android and enter the code STYLESILIKEVIP, you will receive $100 in credit. What have you got to lose?!


Go on. The first bottle is on me!


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Caught in the act of snapping photos for the people Louisa & I met in line. My face looks goofy, but I seriously { LOVE } this picture because it exemplifies New York – making friends in the most fabulously unexpected ways.

I am grateful as always to Tablelist for sponsoring our night at Sonny’s. 

Thank you for supporting the brands that support Styles I Like.

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