Luck Favors The Brave


{ M.M. LAFLEUR Toi Dress ℅ | J.Crew Silver Pumps | J.Crew Neon Deco Pendant | Calvin Klein Watch | Ray Ban Sunglasses | Vintage Pearl Clip-On Earrings }


“We were born of a simple ethos – to create beautiful clothing for the purposeful woman.”


I believe that there are certain pieces in your wardrobe that can actually change how you approach your day. You act with a certain confidence the moment it is zipped up and are better able to focus on the tasks at hand feeling motivated by how polished you look. This is how I felt the first moment I put on my M.M.LAFLEUR dress.


As their ethos states, M.M.LAFLEUR is actually one of those rare companies that has developed a brand committed to not only offering beautiful clothing options while simultaneously empowering the women wearing them to pursue their personal goals.


M.M.LAFLEUR invited me to pick a dress to feature after attending the Levo League Intern Mixer earlier this month, and the Toi Dress was my immediate choice.


The hydrangea Toi Dress almost changes colors in different settings like the flowers it is named for. This shade helped bring out the blue in my eyes. It is made of a lightweight Italian wool, which does not make me feel too hot when walking on the street, commuting underground, etc. For someone like me who can get warm easily in the summer/any season, this is very important. The A-line shape is comfortable but highlights my shoulders and my waist in a flattering fashion.


{ Hair: The Dry Bar | Nails: The Village Beauty Lounge ℅ } 


I wore this dress on this specific day for a reason.


At the iconic fashion retailer where I am interning in the city this summer, I had been given the task of facilitating a meeting for approximately thirty people in my department.


While I was nervous to take on this task, I knew that wearing my Toi Dress would inspire me to take the opportunity and make the best impression I could.


If you follow M.M.LAFLEUR on social media, you will see a certain phrase that often accompanies their photos, inspirational stories, and the front of the perfectly purple notebooks they include with their orders. The M.M.LAFLEUR founders maintain the belief, “Luck favors the brave.”


The more I think about it, the more certain I am that it is true. We cannot ever expect anything truly rewarding to happen until we recognize we need to be courageous enough to pursue it.


My go-to NYC gal, Louisa Wells, photographer and general rock star, who writes The Life Observed snapped these shots downtown before an exciting event at the Mondrian SoHo. I will be sharing more about that later this week!


Her creative vision inspires me every single time.


Another reason I (selfishly) love this dress?


I was complimented on it ALL day. I usually do not dress for other people’s approval, but it does feel satisfying to have people acknowledge when they think you look your best. A gentleman in the elevator even stopped to say, “Wow. You look fantastic in that dress.” Any time a gentleman compliments me on an outfit, I usually take it to mean it is a stand-out piece, as they usually seem unaware of women’s fashion.


Each day I work on STYLESILIKE with brands and individuals who inspire me, I feel a little bit luckier. M.M.LAFLEUR is ready to help you find your own perfect piece to take on the day’s goals bravely.

Never forget; luck favors the brave.

Erin ★

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  1. Zoe Diaz-McLeese says:

    Lovely pictures! That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you, and that color is perfect for summer. That quote is also so beautiful, thank you for sharing!


  2. Gorgeous post, gorgeous location, gorgeous dress and gorgeous model! You look beautiful in that hydrangea blue – loved this post!

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