A Date with Denim & Kate Upton


{ Kate Upton for Express }

Have you ever had one of those days that can’t actually have been from your own life?

This is how the #EXPRESSJEANS event was for me.


{ The fabulous DJ KISS doing what she does best }

I have been following Lindsey Calla, or Saucy Glossie as she is known, one of the country’s premier fashion bloggers, for some time now. She is, without a doubt, one of my biggest blogging role models, due to her fashionable posts, her sporty chic style, and, above all, her collaborative spirit which inspires readers and brands alike.


{ Photo via DJ KISS }

She hosted an Instagram contest, which would allow one lucky winner to attend the #EXPRESSJEANS event as her guest. In case it isn’t obvious from the picture of me posting to my Twitter & Instagram, I was selected to attend! I would have already been excited to take part in a New York City event with Saucy Glossie at the Express Times Square, as this has been one of my go-to stores my whole life. It was also being co-hosted by Vogue Promos, so its not like I needed MORE reasons to attend.


But… when I won the contest, I also was informed that I would be given the opportunity to meet the legendary supermodel, Kate Upton, the new face of #EXPRESSJEANS. Its not everyday you meet a supermodel, so I knew I had to look my best, hence why I enlisted the help of the experts at Village Beauty Lounge & Rouge New York. Posts to follow on those (amazing) experiences later this week! 

Erin Cullen, Lindsey Calla, Kate Upton

Meeting Kate has been, by far, one of the highlights of my summer if not my entire life. She looked stunning in an all-white ensemble, with a neon yellow & orange clutch and a bright pair of turquoise pumps. Not only is she as gorgeous in real life as she is in her photo shoots, but she is also incredibly kind.

After we took the picture above, I turned to her and explained how grateful I was that she represented real women in her fashion-filled career. As a curvy gal myself, I see Kate as someone who I can personally identify with in magazine ads or on a runway. She looked me right in the eye and said, “Thank you. I really appreciate you saying that.” Like I mentioned before, it was one of the most surreal & amazing moments of my life.

Saucy Glossie & Trop Rouge 2

{ Blogger Kisses }

We got a chance to play in the photo booth after this …

Saucy Glossie & Trop Rouge 1


and I think it is safe to say we had a good time.

Saucy Glossie & Trop Rouge 3

Trop Rouge & Saucy Glossie #STYLESILIKE Moment }

For the record, Trop Rouge AKA Christina Caradona actually is as bad-ass, hilarious, & laid-back as she seems on her blog, Instagram, etc. It was an honor getting to meet and mingle with not one but multiple blogger role models throughout the night. I was admiring Brooklyn Blonde’s AKA Helena Glazer’s Chanel bag & Hermes cuff from across the room. Flashes of Style AKA Bonnie Barton and I chatted long enough for me to appreciate her red lips & killer top. It’s crazy to see these women, whom I look up to on the Internet & on social media, in real life, realizing they actually ARE that glamorous yet also generous & caring when meeting fans.


I had a very special photographer stop by to snap some shots after the event.


Here is just a sneak peek! More photos to come later this week.


A huge thank you to Saucy GlossieKate Upton, the #EXPRESSJEANS & the Vogue Promos event teams for having me be a part of this event. Truly, I will never forget it, especially when I pick exactly which pair of Express jeans I want to wear on campus in the coming year. Fingers crossed I look as Kate does in hers.

Erin ★

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