Five Things I Like

Things have been crazy recently, and I have seriously neglected posting in general.

I am getting back to a normal routine, but I especially want to return to creating the “Five Things I Like” series. I am just going to jump back in & share five of my favorite recent images with you all!

Facebook Pride Month Sticker

{ Facebook’s Pride Month Sticker Pack // #loveislove }

DVF Bergdorf's Window Display

{ Groovy window display at Bergdorf’s featuring the printed dresses & jumpsuits of legend, DVF }

Nice To Meet You

{ 1st Day Good Luck Charm //  Brian Gavin Diamonds Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond Pendant  }

Central Park Fifth Avenue

{ Central Park on a warm evening }

Coffee & Colors

{ Broadway & Brazilia Cafe Coffee }

This final picture is the reason to make “Five Things I Like” a weekly occurrence. I was running late to my internship on the second day, due to my still unclear knowledge of how the subway operates. Out of breath and frustrated, I had to wait at the crosswalk just as the red hand came up. It was then I looked over & saw this mosaic, a totally cool/unexpected piece of artwork. I am so happy I did because it reminds me how important it it is to just stop, breathe, and appreciate beauty in the day-to-day moments of our lives. Otherwise, we just miss it.

What small thing inspired you in a big way this past week?

Erin ★

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