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Happy Graduation to every graduate of the Class of 2014!

Whether you are a high school senior ready to embark on the unknown in college or a recent college grad ready to embark on the unknown in the real world, you should be taking a little time to really celebrate your achievements. Like any good party, there should be certain key elements at a graduation soiree. Personally, I love a color coded candy bar, fresh flowers in small vases, and, of course, tokens of love & good luck for the honored graduate.

Through a collaboration with eBay & the Her Campus Blogger Network, I have compiled two separate collections focused on graduation gift giving AKA #GiftsForGrads. You can see some of the items I have selected in the boards presented below. eBay has developed their “Collections” function for individuals to create inspiration boards around specific themes, so this was a perfect way to organize my personalized picks. Think Pinterest for eBay purchases!

 Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 12.23.33 AM

{ Essentials }

The Freshman Year Fashion Collection is dedicated to those young ladies preparing over the summer for their first college experiences. I made sure to highlight everything from shower essentials to backpack suggestions to even fragrance options. Your start to college should be excited, so pick out a few gifts you know you are going to not only want but actually need.

The Real Life Ready Collection, however, is for my graduated gals ready to take on the scary but exhilarating steps of first jobs, first (real) apartments, and first time being away from the second place they ever called home. I have included an assortment of items, such as a bright Essie nail polish assortment and the entire FRIENDS series.

Both boards were chosen carefully, and I even included little comments on Freshman Year Fashion Collection & Real Life Ready Collection to explain why I added each item. Please let me know which items you would want to give and/or receive. Then, create your own #GiftsForGrads collection & enter to win $500!

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