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I hope you enjoyed my first post, Primp With Dellaria! After concluding my final exams for the year, Dellaria Salon & Spa invited me back for a second day of complimentary treatment.

Bumble And Bumble At Dellaria

{ Bumble and Bumble product packaging look so perfect. }

My first appointment of the day was a thirty minute express facial. Any Boston College student or really any college student knows that by the time finals are over, all you want to do is relax. This was the best way to start.

My Dellaria facialist spent the first ten minutes slowly but surely cleansing my skin. After a thorough steam, she spent time cleaning my pores. She next used a revitalizing toner to protect my skin. A calming combination of lotions were moisturized into my face as a final step. I left my first appointment feeling rejuvenated and ready for my second one.

Online Booking At Dellaria

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My second appointment was a thirty minute full body massage. It was unsurprising after finals that my masseuse insisted I had a certain amount of tension in my shoulders. She had to remind me several times to just let it go. Cue Frozen soundtrack…

Seriously, this was one of the best moments in Dellaria experience. She moved from my head to my toes, releasing knots in my body all along the way. I loved the feeling of de-stressing, and my masseuse and I actually had a really interesting conversation about women’s rights and their role in activist movements throughout the massage. It’s nice to connect with new people who share similar beliefs, especially at one of your favorite salons!

Redken Products At Dellaria

{ Rainbow of Redken }

Can’t wait to share my final installment about Dellaria Salon & Spa later today.

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Disclosure:  I am grateful to the kind employees of Dellaria Salon & Spa for sponsoring this series. All opinions are my own, and experiences are genuine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Styles I Like.

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