Turning One

This month, I celebrate my one year blogger birthday for Styles I Like.

I have been able to develop partnerships with some of my favorite companies, refine my {photography/writing/editing} skills, and genuinely engage my loved ones in this creative process, since I first started blogging last March.

With an unending supply of inspiration, this space has become something I treasure for myself.

Yet, nothing gives me more joy than seeing friends and family use #stylesilike in their day to day conversations or interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, & other platforms.

This blog’s underlying message is meant to remind us that we all have a unique perspective on the world, one which we can be excited to share with others.

{ My goals for my second year of expanding and growing Styles I Like are as follows: }

1. Work on developing my website design & official logo.

2. Create stronger personal relationships with my fellow fashion//lifestyle//tech bloggers.

3. Mix both luxury and affordable pieces more in my style photos.

4. Increase the number of brands I collaborate with.

5. Utilize my blog to give back to the community.

Because this past month has been so full of travel for interviews, vacations, and tournaments, it seems fitting my mini-personal celebration is on a bus back up to Boston College.

Pop #2

This Crumbs Rainbow Cake Pop seemed celebratory for my one year anniversary.

If there was a candle on top, I would blow it out and wish for nothing but happinesss and good fortune for all those who have supported me in the past year.

Cheers to many more.

Erin ★

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