Beacon & Brewster Is Hiring Campus Reps!

Although it seems like any remnant of warm weather will never again happen in these polar vortexes, ice storms, and snow flurries, spring will come again! When it does, you will want to be wearing a beacon & brewster polo. These American-made, brightly colored polo shirts evoke a classic yet casual feel. These shirts seem well suited to wear for an afternoon of sun and sand at the beach, while easily transitioning into a dinner outfit later in the night.
Lilac Polo

Lilac Bouquet Polo

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And… I haven’t even told you the best part yet! Each and every time YOU purchase a shirt from beacon & brewster, 25% of the sales price goes directly to charity. While I believe the design and quality of these shirts is reason enough to be interested, the company’s charitable mission is yet another to buy beacon & brewster for yourself and your loved ones. Check out their Charity Colors page to learn more about their mission of “fashion with compassion”.


While I am picking which polo I am most looking to wear ASAP, it is also important to note that beacon & brewster is launching their own College Rep Program. They are searching for Styles I Like readers who are looking to gain valuable marketing and sales fashion experience for the upcoming semester.
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beacon & brewster College Rep Program Requirements
  • Interested Reps should email Eileen@beaconbrewster.comfor a quick application to fill out followed by a 15 minute phone interview at an agreed upon time
  • Reps will get 35% commission from all sales (post charity donation) they are responsible for
  • Reps will get welcome package with 2 free polos and 2 free t-shirts, subsequent 50% discount on additional shirts they want to purchase themselves
  • Reps must host at least 1 trunk show per semester
  • Reps can choose the charity/fraternity/sorority/campus organization they want the donation proceeds from the trunk shows to go to
  • Reps will get $50-100 allowance for trunk show supplies, depending on number of attendees (for food, drinks, etc)
  • Reps can offer up to 25% discount at shows to increase sales, but commission will still be calculated from post charity donation total sales numbers
  • Reps must have be savvy with social media (b&b will give program incentives to Reps for hitting certain levels of likes and follows on our social media pages per school)
  • Reps will get a monthly allotment of marketing materials (business cards, postcards, etc) as well as b&b promotional swag (koozies, etc) to pass out
  • Reps will get school specific coupon/discount codes for website sales to track non trunk show sales (codes can be included on their marketing materials)- they will get paid their commissions monthly
  • Reps will join monthly conference call to share ideas/updates with other reps
  • Successful Reps will be considered first for any available positions at b&b
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.47.23 PM
If you or anyone else you know is interested, please read through the requirements below. Having worked as a campus representative for a fashion company myself for the past year, I can guarantee this is a valuable way to learn new skills and grow your experience. Recruiting is starting now for second semester, so good luck!
I am excited to begin working with beacon & brewster, and I can’t wait to share even more developments from this company over the course of the coming spring. Believe me. They have even more stylish fun coming. Stay tuned!

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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All Images: C/O beacon & brewster

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post from beacon & brewster. All opinions are my own, and experiences are genuine. Thank you sincerely for supporting the brands that support Styles I Like.

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