Veteran’s Day Update

I would like to take a moment this Veteran’s Day to say thank you to men and women who have served and continue to serve in our armed forces.

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Our country is lucky to have you, and we hope to repay your service with compassion and understanding for your needs in our communities.

As Ellen DeGeneres so eloquently tweeted…

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 Reason #1,000,000 why I wish Ellen would come to Boston College.

I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing here. I feel like I blinked and October was over. I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about how I would like to create bi-weekly updates about my travels, in addition to a bucket list for the remainder of my time here.


The bucket list will be up on Wednesday Friday!  These past few weeks have been so jam packed with trips, visitors, and other excitements (aka RAINBOWS!) that I have done a poor job of chronicling it all here. No complaints though! I am determined to share the most special moments of my abroad experience, despite the fact that they may be, chronologically, out of order. Just a little update on what is going on this side of the Atlantic.

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Hope your Monday is off to a good start! I am definitely taking time to remember, in my foreign home, how lucky I am to be an American.

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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