Frankly, My Dear

“After all…tomorrow is another day.”

Arguably one of the most famous in cinematic history, this line is spoken by feisty Southern belle, Scarlett O’Hara, at the conclusion of Gone With The Wind. Her husband has just walked out their front door and perhaps out of her life forever. Declaring she will do anything to get him back, Scarlett’s determined aforementioned quote may be the most memorable from the film.

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There is, however, another line from this scene which is applicable to today’s blog post. (This one was always my father’s favorite moment in the movie for its sheer comedic bluntness.) While Scarlett pleads with her husband, Rhett Butler, to stay, he turns to her and says simply, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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While we are on the subject of being frank, I would like to get right to the point and introduce a new app on Styles I Like! The creators of the app, Frankly, want to bring back an element of genuine interaction back to text messages. They are being featured, so you can be inspired to download their app today.

“In the art of conversation, you exchange thoughts, secrets, ideas, yet no trace is left behind, except in the minds of the beholders,” they explained. “We’ve finally created an app, Frankly, that lets you speak your mind.”

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By developing Frankly, they have made an app that lets you say exactly what you want in a self-destructive text message or picture that will disappear after only ten seconds. I have downloaded the app myself, and I am enjoying connecting with my fellow Her Campus Blogger Network ladies.

What makes this app worthy of a download on your already jam-packed phone? The creators have hand-picked their favorite aspects for their app users.

★ Frankly Features 

  • Be Frank! Say what you want to your friends and family! All text and photos self-destruct once they are read. Nothing is EVER saved to our Frankly servers.

  • Go Incognito… Create a Frankly group room with your friends and chat anonymously. You know who’s in the room but you don’t know who’s saying what!

  • Last Minute Hesitation? You can unsend Frankly messages if you change your mind before the message is opened.

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Like any social communication tool or medium, there will always be ways to improperly use the available technology. Yet, in an interview featured in the The Wall Street Journal Venture Capital Dispatch, chief executive officer, Steve Chung, assured users that “[Frankly] requires mutual consent from users before they can exchange messages and the company has set up an email to report abusive behavior.” In this same article, the author, Lizette Champman, describes Mr. Chung’s belief that “people’s desire to have the digital equivalent of an honest conversation outweighs what may be bad behavior by a minority. The overarching philosophy behind Frankly, [Mr. Chung] says, is to help people be more genuine.”

When do you want to be more genuine in your communication? The real question is… when don’t you! Here are some times when it is highly encouraged to be a little extra frank.

★ Frank Occasions 

  • Goof Off With Friends

  • Coordinate Group Events
  • Group Chats During Events
  • Chatting In Crowding Settings (AKA Minimal Over-The-Shoulder Reading)

  • BFF Group Chats

Are you ready to be frank? Here’s how to start!

★ Step-By-Step Guide To Using This App ★

  1. Download Frankly
  2. Find Your Friends and Family
  3. Send Them Text or Picture Message
  4. Wait For Your Friend To Tap Your Encoded Message Bubble
  5. Your Message Will Self-Destruct After 10 Seconds
  6. Tap Their Encoded Message Bubble Response To Reveal Text or Picture Message
  7. Their Message Will Self-Destruct After 10 Seconds
  8. Enjoy Using Frankly Daily With Anyone and Everyone!

If you are still unsure of how to use the app for any reason, never fear. Upon downloading, you will be walked through an easy-to-follow demo to show you exactly how to use Frankly.

Don’t be like Scarlett, and wait until tomorrow to do something so important. Get ready to download Frankly TODAY! Why this sense of urgency?

Frankly, my readers, you should give a damn about the ability to have real conversations with this app. 

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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Please Note: I received compensation from Frankly. All opinions are my own, and experiences are genuine.

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