Kickstarting Menswear: Wits + Beaux Profile

The world is a small place.

In the past year, especially, it has been interesting for me to discover how my different networks are connected (and to watch new connections be established) via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other virtual websites. For example, earlier this week, I noticed a friend of mine/recent Boston College graduate, Julie Wojno, posted about an exciting venture, Wits + Beaux, her brother, Dan, was raising funds for. As I have the best siblings in the world, I always appreciate someone who is supporting their brothers and sisters efforts. I clicked on the Cosmpolitan link she posted, which featured several up and coming menswear companies.

W+B #3

When I clicked on Wits + Beaux, the company Julie’s brother had co-founded, I was taken to their Kickstarter campaign. As I looked through the fancy yet affordable socks, bow ties, and pocket squares, I noticed a familiar face!  Kevin Dexter, Dan’s co-founder, is the Director of Innovation at the company I have been interning with this past summer. Who would have thought that a simple link posted by Julie, my Kairos retreat leader, in Columbus, Ohio would connect me to Kevin, a personal mentor at my company, in Short Hills, New Jersey? I am truly fascinated by how small our world really is.

W+B #4

It is obvious that I have a strong affinity for women’s clothes. It is possible for me, at times, to feel sorry for men because their fashion choices are so often limited. Wits + Beaux is seeking to change this fact. Bringing bright colors, interesting patterns, and a general sense of daring to their lines of men’s accessories, Wits + Beaux is sure to be a hit in the closets of men everywhere.

W+B #5

I have been gifted the above Spot On bowtie, and I cannot wait to incorporate this dash of menswear into my closet. If you are a man or woman looking to incorporate a new stye into your current wardrobe, help this company by donating to their Kickstarter campaign now! Congratulations to both Kevin and Dan as they set out to change the face of men’s fashion with their best brightly colored/whimsically patterned feet forward.

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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