Monthly Archives: July 2013

Mondays with Margaret – Welcome!

Each fall, the Intercollegiate Business Convention,  is one of the events I look forward to all year. Hosted by the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business,  the most valuable takeaways each year are the networking opportunities with both students and established professionals. … Read More

Rent the Runway. Then, Rent Your Textbooks.

Is it really almost August? Somehow, in a whirl of this internship, a long 4th of July weekend, and an ultimate frisbee beach tournament, it is already time to begin thinking about our return to school. Now, I hope it … Read More

Tailour Thursday – Icon Status

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has had a fulfilling week. The past few days have been full of planning and organizing, and I am feeling grateful for all the opportunities Styles I Like has given me to learn and grow. As … Read More

Industry Panels, Networking, and Goody Bags: Attend the Her Campus Conference!

[★] Despite only being a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network for the past two months, I have been able to benefit from this community of engaged and passionate young women in many different ways. Collaborations, caring, and creativity … Read More

Tailour Thursday – Bloglovin’

Happy Thursday! Another Thursday has come upon us this summer. And each Thursday means another post dedicated to the fabulously expanding company that is Tailour. The founders are dedicated to the ideology shop your shape, which means you only buy the … Read More

Feliz Cumpleaños, Traea!

If you opened my Moleskine today, there would only be one simple note in it. [ Traea’s Birthday! ] Written oh-so-subtly in her own handwriting, I did not need the reminder in my planner. July 15th is a day to celebrate Traea Ames … Read More

Tailour Thursday – Exclusive Boston Trunk Show

Happy Thursday! If you have been keeping up with my recent posts, you will know that Thursdays this summer are dedicated to Tailour. This company is an innovative fashion startup determined to dress women both professionally and beautifully, according to … Read More

Dr. Cullen

My sister, Mary Kate, is many fantastic things. Daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, twenty-five year old, FLC alum, Holy Cross graduate, Boston Marathon runner, midnight blue nail polish wearer… the list goes on. However, the newest addition to her numerous roles … Read More