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I was lucky enough to first hear about thredUP from CEO James Reinhart this past September. He was a panelist for the Boston College Venture Competition sponsored event, Silicon Valley Comes To The Heights. Reinhart developed the idea for thredUP when he stared into his closet of clothing in perfectly wearable condition that he did not want to wear anymore. He recognized the considerable value that remains in gently-used clothes, in addition to the struggle many parents face trying to afford clothes for children who frequently outgrow their wardrobe (after several years working in education). He envisioned a potential company that would create a valuable solution.

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thredUP delivers a polka dot promise of quality – EVERY TIME! 

James Reinhart (CEO), Chris Homer (CTO), and Oliver Lubin (CCO) originally founded thredUP, currently based in San Francisco, in 2009. Their firm specializes in quality yet affordable consignment clothes for the entire family. After personally presenting on thredUP in Professor Gallaugher’s class, I was able to visit the offices of thredUP during my very first day of Tech Trek and meet with James and Oliver, BC alums. Although, at that time, our class had studied this firm for their impressive growth in the area of children’s consignment, I had discussed that thredUP would be expanding into a woman’s line very soon. The time has finally come!

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The Webster for Target Dress – My First Purchase!

Looking for a new place to purchase your summer wardrobe? Check out their site, and you will find styles from Theory, J.Crew, DVF, Ralph Lauren, Gap, American Apparel, Tory Burch, Zara, and more all at incredibly discounted prices.The steps for acquiring (and even selling) your own fashionable finds are easy enough. 

thredUP  in 5 Simple Steps 

1. Pick out what reasonably priced item your wardrobe currently needs.

2. Purchase the item online. Luckily, each online order includes a CleanOut Bag. See Step #4.

3. Once your order arrives, enjoy the new addition to your summer outfit line-up!

4. Take your CleanOut Bag, and decide which of your “flaw-free, functional, and fashionable” items you have but no longer wear – just like James did! Utilize the potential dollar bills that are currently hanging, unworn, in your closet.

5. Decide how you want to spend the money you earn from cleaning out your closet! Donate your money to a cause you care about, or spend it on new thredUP items that are piling up on your wish list. See Step #1.

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thredUP supports Teach for America

I am currently having a fantastic trip in London with some very special people. However, I can’t wait to wear my new colorblock dress for a dinner out with my family at our favorite restaurant, Redwoods, sometime this summer. thredUP gets my stamp of approval because their service is economical, eco-friendly, and stylish! If you are encouraged to try thredUP, please tell me what it is that you love the most about this fashion forward and forward thinking company.

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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