Style, Courtesy of California

Spending your spring break visiting Silicon Valley is a once in a lifetime experience. In the first week of March, I participated in Tech Trek, a field study run annually by Information Systems professor, John Gallaugher. The week-long experience involved 22 visits to firms in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, at companies such as Square, Google, and Facebook. I was privileged to meet with 75+ employees and executives at these firms. This trek is the culmination of two months extensive study of the application of technology in business.


Taking on San Francisco

Trench Coat, Ray Bans, Vintage Earrings, & J.Crew Jewel Necklace

I hope to share the style I witnessed on this fantastic opportunity. It started with taking on San Francisco. Tech Trek has inspired me to take on the world.

Stylishly Yours,

Erin ★

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  1. Sounds like an amazing experience, Erin! Gorgeous photo.
    Seems like you caught the entrepreneurial inspiration vibes while spending time in Silicon Valley and SF — take on the world!

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